ksf photography & design has hit a career milestone of 30 years.  I have been blessed in a profession that I love.  I have met amazing clients that I am still in touch with years later and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have photographed newborns, watched them grow and then be honored by being asked to photograph their wedding. 

But, after 30 years of photographing for clients, I have decided to switch gears and start photographing for me. I have chosen a new career direction by combining my joy of travel and gardening (wow, when I read that I realize I'm following in my mom's footsteps. lol) by photographing landscapes and the beauty of flowers.

I'm excited about my new path and look forward to where it will take me. I hope you enjoy the new galleries and would love for you to share your thoughts. And, please share your favorite travel destinations with me.

Now the bio info:

I earned a Photographic Craftsman’s degree from Professional Photographers of America in 2008 by dedicating my time lecturing the fine art of my craft to other photographers at local and state conventions. Awarded the most esteemed honor in my local guild by being named “Photographer of the Year.”

Teaching is another passion of mine and I love sharing with up and coming photographers on a one to one basis for consulting services. Writing is an additional passion and I am blessed to have articles published and work highlighted in publications.

I like to think my calling card is my highly artistic, fun style, combined with a natural flair for interior design. That combination gives me a unique advantage of working with clients from conception to the final display in their home. I  may even go so far as to rearrange their furniture and pick out wall colors. I just can't help myself. lol

 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) is one of my favorite charity organizations where I  volunteer.  I also enjoyed volunteering in a broad range of board positions in the photography field and gained valuable knowledge and lifelong friends. Strongly believing as professionals we should give back to the community and our chosen field by continuing to improve and enhance our craft in this ever-changing profession.


Professional Photographers of America – (PPA)

Placer Artist League - (PAL)

Rocklin Fine Arts